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The Battle of Obtaining a Legal Arms License From Ministry of Interior

done_all Published Jul-06-2023 03:09 pm

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Pakistan Arms Rules 2021

pakistan arms rules 2021
View - Pakistan Arms Rules 2021

In 2021, the Ministry of Interior Pakistan issued a gazette notification called the "Pakistan Arms Rules 2021". The notification introduced an amendment to the Arms Rules, allowing distinguished individuals such as the President, Prime Minister, Chairman Senate, Speaker of the National Assembly, federal ministers, senators, MNAs, MPAs, Grade 22 officers, and taxpayers on the active taxpayers' list of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) with a ceiling of not less than Rs 50,000 per annum for the non-prohibited bore arms license, and Rs 100,000 per annum for the prohibited bore arms license.

Pakistan Arms Rules 2022

pakistan arms rules 2022
View - Pakistan Arms Rules 2022

In its meeting held in late December 2022, the cabinet made final decisions regarding several matters. Among the agenda items discussed were the minutes of the Cabinet Committee on disposal of Legislative Cases (CCLC), which included the newly proposed "Pakistan Arms Rules 2022." During the meeting, the cabinet acknowledged a significant increase in fees for the issuance and renewal of arms licenses and agreed to rationalize them. Additionally, it was decided to eliminate the tax requirement for obtaining arms licenses, which was part of the previous 2021 policy.

As per the current rules in place (Pakistan Arms Rules 2022), any applicant may be considered eligible for a personal PB or NPB license if he or she-

  • is a citizen of Pakistan;
  • possesses valid CNIC or NICOP;
  • has attained the age of twenty years;
  • is not considered unsuitable by the local police in view of his good conduct or previous record;
  • has not been a member of a proscribed organization or suspected to be involved in any anti-state activity; and is not physically, mentally or psychologically infirm to an extent where his carrying of arms shall be inadvisable for his own safety or life; or for the safety or life of others.

The following categories of persons are not eligible for acquiring any kind of license, namely:-

  • person convicted of any offence of moral turpitude;
  • person whose name has been put in Fourth Schedule to the AntiTerrorism Act, 1997 (XXVIl of 1997);
  • persons found guilty of possessing more than one CNIC or passport; and
  • persons, declared by competent court of law, to be insane
  • * An eligibility of a person does not construe as a right to issue license.

Required Documents for Fresh/New Arms License (PB or NPB)

checklist new_arms license
View - Affidavit Sample | View - Application Sample | View - Character Certificate Sample

You might be thinking, "That's awesome! I can easily apply and obtain my arms license." However, We have to deliver some unfortunate news. As you may already be aware, the licenses are currently being issued exclusively to individuals who have connections with politicians, government officials, or those who are recommended by sitting ministers on their official letterheads.

recommendation letter
Recommendation Letter for Issuance Of PB Arms License.

Final Comments

Unfortunately, the current state of affairs in our nation falls short in providing adequate protection to its citizens by the law enforcement authorities. Consequently, law-abiding and respectable individuals are left vulnerable to potential criminal attacks. It is an undeniable reality that an unarmed person cannot reasonably defend themselves against armed criminals. Unfortunately, the prevailing trend seems to favor criminals easily obtaining illegal firearms, while law-abiding citizens encounter obstacles in obtaining a legally sanctioned arms license.

While the primary responsibility for citizen protection lies with the State, circumstances may arise where this protection is lacking, thereby necessitating individuals to take measures for self-defense. The most viable solution, in such cases, is for citizens to be legally armed.

Ultimately, if you're willing to try your luck, you can submit your documents at the Ministry of Interior in Islamabad. Who knows, you might just have a chance! 😅

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