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Complete Guide to Punjab Arms Rules 2023

done_all Published Nov-25-2023 01:43 pm

Understanding the Punjab Arms Rules 2023 - Eligibility, Fees, and Application Process

The Punjab Arms Rules 2023 represent a significant update in the regulation of arms licensing in the Punjab region. These new rules have introduced changes in the eligibility criteria, fee structure, and the overall application process for obtaining an arms license.

Punjab Arms Rules 2023
View - Punjab Arms Rules 2023 (PDF)

Personal Arms License (Punjab)

The Punjab Arms Rules of 2023 stipulate that a non-prohibited bore (NPB) personal arms license can be granted for either protection or sports purposes, provided the applicant meets specific eligibility requirements.

Online Application System

The Punjab government has modernized the arms license process by introducing an online system. This move eliminates the need for physical visits to government offices, allowing individuals to apply for various types of arms licenses from their homes. The online portal/application will enable applicants to submit their details, upload required documents, and track the status of their applications. This initiative reflects the government's commitment to digitizing public services and enhancing transparency.

Eligibility Criteria

As per the current rules in place (Punjab Arms Rules 2022), any applicant may be considered eligible for a personal NPB arms license if he or she-:

  • is a citizen of Pakistan;
  • posses valid CNIC or National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis;
  • is domiciled in Punjab;
  • has attained the age of (20) twenty years;
  • is filer on active taxpayer's list;
  • has no previous criminal record;
  • is not fugitive from law;
  • has not been convicted by any court of law;
  • has not been a member of a proscribed organization of suspected to be involed in any anti-state activity;
  • is not physically, mentally or psychologically infirm to an extent where his carrying of arms shall be inadvisable for his own safety of life; or for the safety or life of others;

Fee Structure

The fee structure has seen a significant revision in the new rules:

  • For New Applicants: The fee for new applicants of NPB arms licenses has been increased from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000.
  • For Renewals: Existing license holders will now pay Rs. 5,000 for renewing their license, up from the previous Rs. 1,000.
Punjab Arms Rules 2023 Fee
Punjab Arms Rules 2023 - Fee Structure

Application Process

  • Online Application: Applicant can apply online using the portal/application.
  • Nadra Registration Centre (NRC): The applicant can apply through the concerned Nadra Registration Centre (NRC).
  • Fee Payment: Arms license fee for Punjab Arms License is collected through NADRA/e-Sahulat.

Carry Permit Not Required

One significant feature of the Punjab Arms Rules 2023 is the elimination of the permit for weapon carry, now individuals who possess a valid personal arms license do not require any additional permits to carry their weapons in a concealed manner.


The Punjab Arms Rules 2023 have brought about a substantial shift in the arms licensing process. With an increased fee structure and stringent eligibility criteria, the rules aim to regulate arms licensing more effectively. The introduction of an online application system is a noteworthy step towards modernizing and streamlining the process, making it more accessible and efficient for eligible applicants.

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