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  • I am at least 20 years old (the minimum age required for a firearms license according to the Pakistan Arms Rules 2022).
  • I acknowledge that GUNSWAP does not participate in transactions between individuals, nor does it certify or investigate them. It is my responsibility to ensure that any transfer of regulated items (such as guns and ammunition) is exclusively carried out through licensed firearms dealers.
  • I acknowledge that all listings of regulated items (guns/ammunition) are subject to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is my sole responsibility to comply with these laws.
  • I am responsible for adhering to all relevant enforcement mechanisms, including federal (Ministry of Interior), provincial, and tribal statutes, rules, regulations, ordinances, and judicial decisions, and for complying with all applicable licensing requirements.
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  • If I have any doubts or concerns about firearm and ammunition transfers, I will contact the federal (Ministry of Interior) or provincial licensing authority.
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GunSwap.Pk is a classifieds social network designed for firearms enthusiasts in Pakistan to connect and engage in discussions about their shared interest in guns and accessories. The platform promotes responsible gun ownership as its core value. GunSwap.Pk offers a safe, trustworthy, and transparent online environment for individuals to find firearms and related accessories. However, it emphasizes that all transactions must comply with gun ownership policies and regulations. Both the buyer and seller must ensure that transfers of regulated items are conducted exclusively through licensed firearms dealers acting as transfer agents, thereby ensuring legality and accountability.


A federal firearms license (issued by the Ministry of Interior) or a provincial arms license is required to carry and possess firearms.

Before proceeding with the transfer of the firearm, buyers must ensure that they possess either an unutilized/empty license or apply for a fresh license from the licensing authority. In order to facilitate the transfer, it is necessary for the buyer to establish contact with a local arms dealer and coordinate the necessary arrangements.

Accessories like holsters, clips, sights, scopes, etc., do not need a license. Non-firearm items like air guns, knives, and certain gun parts also do not need to be transferred by a licensed dealer.

Please review the Pakistan Arms Ordinance, 1965 about transferring ownership of firearms to unlicensed persons:

CHANGES IN POLICY reserves the right to modify, alter, delete and update these policies at any time we see fit. Such alterations do not nullify our rights if infringements or breaches occurred under a previous version of these conditions.

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